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Support local, buy vinyl. We’ve been one of Grand Rapids’ favorite independent record shops for two decades and counting. Our massive collection of new and used vinyl, CDs, and cassettes is the most extensive in West Michigan, with upwards of 25,000 new LPs in stock proudly priced below retail, around 10,000 used records of all genres and styles, and new arrivals added regularly. We also sell new and used gear, as well as DVDs, books, and apparel. Want to get your hands on some new music? We’re in the same spot we’ve been for over 20 years. You know where to find us.


Our store contains tens of thousands of new and used LPs, CDs, and cassettes spanning across all genres -- with new music in stock every day. It is the most extensive collection of vinyl in the area, with products available both in store and online.


We sell new Audio-Technica turntables, replacement Audio-Technica needles, and Edifier powered speakers. We also buy select pieces of used gear, so if you have something you’d like us to take of your hands, contact us and we’ll take a look.


Our staff knows this stuff. If you’ve got questions regarding different types of gear, how to go about selling your records, or maybe you’re just looking for some new artist or label recommendations—either way, we’d love to lend our expertise.


Whether you’re wanting to weed out a few misfits from your collection or unload an entire library, we’re always interested in buying your used LPs, CDs, or cassettes. We’ll even come to you! Contact us through this form to start the process.


Browse a large selection of rarities, hard-to-find box sets, and other new and used records without stepping foot in the store! Everything ships quickly and new items are added often. Visit our Discogs page to take a look.

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The full list of exclusive releases that we will be carrying on Saturday is included below.  We will open the doors at 11:00 am sharp Saturday, April 22. The RSD releases are first-come, first-serve, limited to one copy of each…

U.S. Girls – In a Poem Unlimited

Meg Remy’s “In a Poem Unlimited” is her second of three records on legendary indie rock label 4AD. There truly is not a dull moment on this record. It’s one of those perfect 10-track, 40 minute albums of just all…

Bolt Thrower  – “For Victory”

Most in society’s hesh sector reach for “Realm of Chaos” or “Warmaster” and call it good for these Brit war-death blokes, who truly outgrew their crusty origins by the time this record crowned from Earache Records’ birth canal in 1994….

Buzzcocks – Singles Goin’ Steady

A collection of the band’s first eight singles and their b-sides. Fast, honest, and catchy, toeing the line between Punk and Power pop, The Buzzcocks created their own sound. Pete Shelley’s ability to write vulnerable punk songs separates him from…

Pestilence – “Consuming Impulse”

On their second album, these Dutch miscreants found the perfect intersection of death and thrash metals. It’s a ripping slab of savagery — every riff a killer, splashy thrashy drums, loose and raw production, and the hoarse sandpaper roar of…

Ethan’s Soundtrack Picks

Princess Mononoke (Joe Hisaishi) Hollywood blockbuster orchestration meets Japanese traditionalism. This is an incredible soundtrack for studying or just if you want to hear some loud, intense music for Miyazaki’s wildest movie. Our copies currently in stock are Japanese imports — totally…

New Releases – April 2021

Pink Floyd Live in Knebworth, 1990 4/30 Greta Van Fleet The Battle At Garden’s Gate 4/16 Ariana Grande Positions 4/9 Dinosaur Jr Sweep It Into Space 4/23 Screamers Screamers Live Hollywood 1988 4/16 Alan Vega Mutator 4/23 Godspeed You Black…

10 Under Appreciated Electronic Bands

While we here at Vertigo Music absolutely adore all the classics found in Electronic Music from artists such as Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk (R.I.P.), Kraftwerk and more, undoubtedly there’s a host of somewhat unmentioned electronic works both…

Damian’s Top 10
Boston Hardcore Bands

The east coast of the US was home to three major scenes that shaped Hardcore.  DC had the DIschord scene, NYC had Revelation, et. all, and if you follow the map a few hours north, you’ll run into the baddest…

Laughing Hyenas – You Can’t Pray a Lie (1989)

After totally annihilating every band in a genre that specialized in annihilation, John Branon found three other Detroit weirdos with the idea of being… a punk blues band?  It literally sounds disgusting on paper.  However, from the first time the…

Poison Idea – Feel
The Darkness (1990)

Four years removed from putting out the definitive statement of American hardcore punk.  Yes, I’m aware of other bands like Black Flag, Minor Threat, etc., but no one ever wrapped all the wildness of rock and roll, with the loose…

Tragedy – Nerve
Damage (2006)

After Memphis’ His Hero Is Gone regrouped and decamped to Portland (again, before it was cool to do that), they reformed with a couple of key members as Tragedy.  This, their thrid full length in their six short years as…

Modern Life Is War –
My Love My Way (2003)

Who is your favorite hardcore band from Iowa?  No, Slipknot is not a hardocre band.  Who else is from Iowa? The Everly Brothers?  Well, Slipknot is fine if you’re into that sort of thing, no disrespect to the nine masked…

Nails – Unsilent Death (2010)

Sometimes, when something hits, it’s hard to go back and revisit it and realize the pure power of it all.  It’s like, have you gone back and listened to Nevermind The Bollocks lately?  I mean, really?  I’m not saying this…

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