Bolt Thrower  – “For Victory”

Most in society’s hesh sector reach for “Realm of Chaos” or “Warmaster” and call it good for these Brit war-death blokes, who truly outgrew their crusty origins by the time this record crowned from Earache Records’ birth canal in 1994. But those folk are blowing it, because “For Victory” is Bolt Thrower in their prime, refined to their purest form: earth-moving bulldozer riffs, rumbling thunderdrums and Karl Willetts’ 10-ton roar. Nary a wasted moment on this beast. All thrills, no fills, and tinged with a morose undercurrent, a true homage to battle-fallen warriors: “Lest We Forget.” “Forever Fallen.” “Silent Demise.” “Remembrance.” “When Glory Beckons.” It’s the ultimate Veteran’s Day rager, and I say that in all sincerity. It just rolls over you like one of those big metal things armies use. You know. Tanks. Tank you for your service.

  • John Serba